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“Once Upon A Time” Recital - November 21st

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  • “Once Upon A Time” Recital - November 21st

    “Once Upon A Time” Recital

    RockStar Gym ( announces our second annual recital, “Once Upon A Time” with the background theme of different kinds of Fairy Tales. The event will be held on Saturday, November 21st, 2015 at Gedung Perfilman Usmar Ismail, Kuningan, South Jakarta. By passing the audition process, more than 400 kids will be train by our professional coaches for months to deliver great performances that incorporate different genres in RockStar Gym such as Ballet, Dance (HipHop, Jazz, Broadway, Modern Dance), Parkour, Gymnastic and Sport.

    The story of Once Upon A Time is taken from the journey of Hansel and Gretel after they run away from the witch. Hansel and Gretel have eaten the cookies and candy from witch’s house, apparently those cookies are magic and make Hansel and Gretel’s imagination come alive. Skills, technique, self confidence, discipline, teamwork, attitude, focus and commitment are several of the factors which have been exercised during the classes trained. The purpose of this
    recital is to make our students have more courage, enthusiasm and the experience to perform in front of a large audience whilst delivering the moral of the story to keep faith and believe, love, be creative and imaginative, and live beyond the limit.

    For tickets info/ purchase please call our Customer Care staff at 021-3192 8802, Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00.
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    Danielle Surkatty
    Member of the Organizing Committee
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