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From Sunda to San Francisco: The farm-to-cup journey of Indonesian coffee.

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  • From Sunda to San Francisco: The farm-to-cup journey of Indonesian coffee.

    Hello, Forum-dwellers!

    We would like to invite all of you coffee-loving expats to join us at the @america center in Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday, October 6th from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm for a collaborative presentation with Stephen Vick, from San Francisco's famed Blue Bottle Coffee Company, and the team from Indonesia's Klasik Beans Cooperative.

    With Indonesia looking towards its rightful place amongst growers of sustainable, organic, and world-class coffee, this workshop will be putting the spotlight on both the farms themselves and the dynamic markets they will be entering.

    The team from Klasik Beans will begin the workshop with a talk on process, sustainability, and the rewards and difficulties of the new Indonesian coffee revolution.

    They will be followed by Stephen Vick, who will be speaking on worldwide trends in organic coffee, the demands for sustainably grown beans across the United States, and Indonesia’s rising place in the international coffee market.

    The event will culminate in a cupping of various Indonesian and international organic coffees, to highlight the diversity and quality of what coffee can -- and should -- taste like.

    Andrew Kent
    , from Singapore's Common Man Coffee Roasters, will be on hand to assist with the cupping and answer any questions you may have regarding the developing coffee culture in Southeast Asia.

    Please note that admission and attendance is completely free and no advance registration is required. However, space is limited and the auditorium will fill up first-come, first-serve. Be on time to guarantee a seat.

    Feel free to share this invite with anyone you think might be interested in attending this event. We look forward to seeing you on the sixth.

    Percolate Galactic
    and the Sunda to San Francisco team
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    1.) Admission is free of charge.
    2.) Children under the age of thirteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    3.) No foods or drinks are allowed.
    4.) All items must be checked into a locker upon arrival and only electronic handheld devices are allowed into @america. (If you are representing a media outlet and would like to bring recording devices into the center, please contact us first for pre-approval and security clearance.)
    5.) If you are visiting @america with a stroller, please check with the security staff upon arrival.
    6.) Visitors with wheelchairs are welcome. Please check with the security staff upon arrival.


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      For more information regarding the @america event, please contact [email protected].

      For more information regarding Klasik Beans Cooperative, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Andrew Kent, Blue Bottle Coffee, and/or Stephen Vick (including press availability and interviews), please contact Percolate Galactic at [email protected].


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        Special thanks to Morph Coffee and One-Fifteenth Coffee for providing the supplies needed for the cupping and tasting portion of the event.


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          I'm hoping to go!