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  • Kemang Fair/festival

    Can anybody tell me more info on the Kemang Fair/Festival. I don't mean the smaller one next month which is at the south end of the street between Pizza Hut and 7/11 but the bigger one that usually takes up the whole street from MD to 7/11.
    I am looking to find out when it is and a contact person.

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    Did you mean Palang Pintu Festival? the one that is held to celebrate Jakarta birthday?
    You can contact Suku Dinas Kebudayaan Jakarta Selatan. Their phone number is 021 72792518.
    I'm not sure what kind of information you're looking for, but you can google for some articles about the festival. I wrote a post about it too on my blog, you can check it, might be useful


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      Yes, except for being hot, maybe rainy, and wall to wall people, as well as being a maddening to get to and from, to say nothing the impossible parking situation, its a great event. Did I mention the pick pockets?
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        no I don't think so.,. Palang Pintu is the one in June and goes from Pizza Hut to 7/11. The one I mean is the bigger one where the whole street down to MD is closed


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          hmmm i havent heard about that one, but i know about the palang pintu festival cause my sis n friends open a shoe stand there
          perhaps you can ask here

          i usually check that site to hunt for bazaar stuff