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Next gathering - Beer Bowling (unless anyone else has an alternative)

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    Pictures (if somebody happened to take some) would draw interest from others to join the next gathering I think..
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      it was eventually postponed. many people didn't turn up nor notify and yes, i had to work late that evening too. i think all in all, friday evenings are a bad time to hold an event. saturday would have been way better.


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        I have to agree, the traffic on a Friday just makes things so difficult.

        The best gatherings I have been to are just in a friendly coffee shop, having a drink and snack and chatting to other people.

        If you want an event type of gathering, then Saturday early evening is best. Then if people want to carry it on later, to a club or the likes, its fine. Those who want to go home can.
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          and usually I would bring a cake or two. :P


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            Originally posted by topsykretts View Post
            no worries guys. thanks debs and tigereye, so cute.

            so who is going tonight? please let me know. thanks!

            tigereye: how's singapore!? i think i'm due for the visit next week hey.
            Hi Tops.. Singapore was okie and was busy with work there though did find some time to do some shopping.. hahaha!! Pity the bowling did not materialize and hope we get another chance at a gathering soon.. cheers!!