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    We would like to invite anybody who is looking for a fun afternoon on the 9th March to Sinarmas World Academy for a community event. Free entry with Fun, Games, Food, Music and other entertainment. This is a chance to get away from your normal activities at the weekend and let your hair down. We look forward to seeing any of you there with your family's.

    Please view our poster for more details about the event by cutting and pasting this link into your browser

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    Mod note: here http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...211#post314211 you gave what purported to be disinterested advise about Sinarmas. Now you're promoting this? What is your connection with the institution please. Failure to be upfront may lead to a ban and deletion of your posts.


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      For your information I am a parent at this school. Do you send the same messages to all the posters/parents who write about BIS and JIS or any other schools in your forum in their post? I think you might need to do your homework regarding connection with these "institutions" as you refer to them. You are very opinionated by labelling me this way it, very disappointing.


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        Mod note: chipmonk - in your other post you say that they "seem to have a Mandarin Program" - it gave me the sense that you could be attempting to convey some "distance" from the institution. And yes we moderators are always on the lookout for shills - and they are plenty of them including from this particular school. What homework could I do other than ask you? Write to the school and ask if they have a parent or teacher called chipmonk? No labelling going on here, just moderating a forum.