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Need volunteers to help fire victims in Benhil (today)

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  • Need volunteers to help fire victims in Benhil (today)

    Dear friends,

    Does anybody heard about the fire tragedy that occurred in the area Benhil (Karet Tengsin), Central Jakarta on 7th August 2012?
    Me and friends from Westlife Charity (@WestlifeCharity), Team Westlife Indonesia (@TeamWestlifeIna) and Blood4LifeID (@Blood4LifeID) wants to hold a race event to entertain children of fire victims by holding a celebration of Independence Day that will be held today (15th August 2012). If any of you who have free time today and are willing to be volunteer can come to our shelter (posko Blood for Life Indonesia) and join with us at 12 PM because we're short of people to become volunteers. Who are willing to be volunteer can use the dress code of red (red t-shirt). Let's share the happiness to those less fortunate people.

    This is update about victim info : Total of family : 585 families, House : 478 houses, Adult: P = 920, W = 730, Child & Toddler = 230, P = 51 Elderly, W = 59. TOTAL: + / - 2000 people.

    For more update about info please check this twitter @TeamWestlifeIna @Blood4LifeID @WestlifeCharity @justsilly and or by email at : [email protected]
    Thank you for your participation.

    News :

    This is the picture of the tragedy :

    Thank you,
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    hope i could help. but i just know this information. it's to late.
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      let me know

      really wanna help.. too late to see the post
      please let me know if you have anoter event


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        hi Ari, I just see the post and now it's too late
        Please also let me know if you have another upcoming event..
        One of the victim was working in the same company i am working now and there was nothing much i can do because she's outsourced and the company didn't do anything to help her. My friends and i just raised some money for her. If only i could help more people..
        At most times, it's the disability to take your own glasses that might be a barrier for change.