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    Please Help!!! I will be arriving in Bandung at the end of August and am trying to get some A.A contacts for when I arrive. I seem to be coming up against brick walls so far.....if anyone reads this in Bandung or nearby please can you contact me, it would be very much appreciated

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    I can't help you with AA contacts in Bandung but unless you speak Indonesian (?), I dunno if they would be any good? Good luck.
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      I just moved to Batam Indonesia at the beginning of Sept and am in the same boat as you. I have found that China Skype AA meetings are helpful, but there aren't any here meetings here in Batam either. Only places I have found nearby are SIngapore, Jakarta, and Bali. PM me and I will send you my indonesian phone number, it would be good to have another member to talk to.
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        The prices will put you off drinking don't worry (joke. sorry if it's taken in bad taste)