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    Hey Fritz, just wondering whether the Trivia night at De Hooi is still happening every Wednesday night?

    Pondok Indah is a bit far from my office, but would love to join sometimes!


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      Yup, every single Wednesday night.

      I'll be honest--because the crowd has become more and more Indonesian, I've started asking predominately questions about Indonesia (and Asia generally). If you know a lot about Indonesia, great; and, if not, a great chance to learn =)

      Every week on the de Hooi Facebook page (and a couple of expat sites on Facebook) I post a couple preview questions.

      For this week:

      1. Indonesia shares a land-border with how many countries:
      A. 1
      B. 2
      C. 3
      D. 4

      2. The Baht is the currency of which country:
      A. Laos
      B. Viet Nam
      C. Thailand
      D. Myanmar

      Full list of topics this week:
      1 India
      2 Asian Currencies
      3 Indonesia!
      4 Fast Food in Indonesia
      5 National Dress
      Dari hatiku...


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        BTW, not only do I love making the quiz, I also enjoy going to quiz nights. These are the quiz nights that I know of (all in S. Jakarta):

        Every Wednesday: de Hooi, Pondok Indah
        Second Tuesday: Mad Dogs, just south of Kemang
        Last Tuesday: Eastern Promise, Kemang
        First and Third Tuesday: Murphy's, Kemang
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          Sounds great!

          Do you happen to know any quiz night around SCBD or Sudirman/Thamrin area?


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            Originally posted by cuppajava View Post
            Sounds great!

            Do you happen to know any quiz night around SCBD or Sudirman/Thamrin area?
            I'm sorry, I don't.

            I live in Cipete, work in Pondok Indah, and I rarely leave the south!

            I do think if there was another quiz night, I would have heard of it. So, not saying there aren't any others but I'd be surprised if there were more.
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              Fritztastic! Just wondering if there's trivia this week? I'm kind of dying for trivia...


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                yup! this wednesday and every single until infinity =)
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