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  • Child learning disability assessment Jakarta

    Dear Parents,

    I'm looking for any references to have my child assessed for learning development issues, specifically with reading, writing and issues focusing. It was suggested by our school that we seek a psycho-educational assessment, but they didn't really have many suggestions on where to do this. I've searched online to find a few options, but I was hoping to have a personal reference. Ideally the assessment would be in English as it's his primary language in school. Are there any parents in Jakarta who may be able to make a recommendation?

    Thanks for your help

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    Are you willing to go to Singapore or does the assessment have to be done in Jakarta?

    I would be a little upset with a school that recommended a "psycho-educational assessment" but couldn't suggest resources for you to follow up on this advice. Shame on them. I hope you aren't paying much in school fees to them.


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      I would start with the simplest option : hiring a private teacher . Search for cari guru bahasa Inggris di Jakarta , or similar .

      Or look for an health specialist :


      [Whether or not professional help depends on the perception of parents about the weight or not a motivation problem of learning in children.

      Ari Ahmadi, a psychologist from Essa Consulting, told me, there are parents who bring their children to see a psychologist because the reported lack of concentration in class. After conducting the assessment, he discovered that the problem was not serious child.

      There is only learning needs are not being met. On the other hand, there are also children who clearly have more serious learning problems, but not taken to the professionals concerned. "The perception of parents is closely linked to knowledge. Parents must be diligent to increase knowledge about the child. For example by taking seminars or workshops. "

      There are two options professionals that can be addressed parents to help children rediscover his motivation.

      pedagogue / education experts: A pedagogue will help to teach the basic skills of learning in children. For example, writing, arithmetic, and reading.

      Psychologist: A psychologist will try to find the cause of the low interest of the child from the psychological side. He will seek out the experience less enjoyable that may be experienced by children. Psychologists will also provide suggestions to be implemented by parents and teachers, as the main companion children at home and school.]


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        I can do the assesment for learning dissability. I have experiences with those kind of cases.
        Please reach me at: [email protected]