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Shifting from Dubai , Family life enquiry?

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  • Shifting from Dubai , Family life enquiry?

    Hi all,
    I am Shifting from Dubai, want to know about family life in Indonesia, I read so many article and blogs but couldn't find right answers, will be grateful if someone can answer my queries:
    1) How is education in International schools, native speakers are teaching?
    2) Howz healthcare services, especially for kids? Does Insurance covers singapore hospitalization?
    3)I recently saw some attacking news in Jan , is it common? Does government takes any safety measures?
    4)schools are safe? Visiting to worship places are safe?
    5) Which area in Jakarta is good for family to stay?

    Sorry for too many questions,
    Thanks in Advance

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    1) There are no longer "International" schools in Indonesia. It's only a change in nomenclature for the most part, though. For example Jakarta International School (JIS) is now Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS). Almost all the longstanding, respected former international schools (there is a list on the companion Living in Indonesia site -- see link above) employ native English speaking teachers.
    2) Health care service in Jakarta are OK, provided you choose well and most policies marketed to expats include a medevac clause for serious illness or injury.
    3) No, if you are referring to terrorist acts, not common, although as the headlines attest, they do occur. The government has a robust and generally effective anti terrorism program.
    4) Yes, on both counts, in my opinion.
    5) There are a number of expat family friendly areas in Jakarta. Which one you choose depends on a lot of things not the least of which is proximity to work, school and other destinations you are likely to frequent. Kemang, Pondok Indah, Menteng, Senayan, Kuningan, BSD and many others. (I did not live in an "expat" neighborhood, but considered our location family friendly.)


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      You can get more information in the link below .


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        List of "International" Schools -

        Healthcare - - ask specific questions of the insurance company regarding coverage out of country as well as medical evacuation

        Preferred Neighborhoods for expats -

        Personal security -

        The only bad question is the one you have but don't ask Not to worry!
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          2) Depends on insurance type. Some are restricted to Indonesia only, some (a bit expensive) have list of countries where you can use your insurance. Please read T&C of your selected insurer or talk to the agent as not everything may be covered by insurance companies.

          5) Depends mostly on your budget and where is your working place going to be. If you are concerned about safety maybe living in apartment would be a better choise on the beginning.


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            Hello All,
            Thank you for your response. Will check link for further information.