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  • Moving to Lombok

    Hi, We are moving to Lombok in November this year, can those living in Lombok please make themselves known as we would love to have some help with the general things that need to know.

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    There are many members here that live in Lombok. You can also search many thread about Lombok in this very forum. Are you moving with your family? Which part of Lombok are you going to move into? ...and welcome to the forum.


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      You might want to try the lombok lovers forum.
      The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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        Hi, Miss Naughty
        mmmm My wife yes my two girls are all grown up so they will visit but not live , my dog also will come, we are moving to the Selong Blanak area in the South west I guess you might say about 12 klms from Kuta, and thankyou, I was hoping to make some friends here ask them what we need to be aware of in the lead up to the move , I have travelled throughout Indonesia as a surfing traveller for many years and have found the place to settle down