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    I am WNA (Singaporean) while my wife is WNI. Recently, when we went back to her home town, one of the neighbors are trying to find a family for their 8th child who are scheduled to be born something first week April'14. My mother in law recommending us to adopt the baby, and after much thinking and discussions with my wife, we decided to take that offer, but i am not sure if is legal.

    I understand that that foreigners especially when the husband is WNA are not allowed to be adopted and told this to the family. They mentioned that no need for paperwork, as long the baby akhta keluarga is with my wife name. Is there any other documents that i need to do? I assume the baby will be WNI and do i have to report to my embassy about this baby as i would like to mention that the baby is mine and not adopted.

    You advice on this much appreciated.


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    The hospital has to report the mother's name. That could be tricky, but reporting it as yours would be very simple but dishonest. Maybe you could get away with it, but would you want to be charged with human trafficking?


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      Won't take the risks. I need to know the implication and if there is any suggestion. I may well decided not to go ahead with this adoption.


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        Nothing wrong with adopting, just make certain it's all above board.


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          Typical kampungan mentality - have 8 kids and then try and find someone to take responsibility and adopt it rather than use birth control in the first place !!
          But considering they already have 7 other kids they should be totally loaded with all the "rejeki tuhan" those kids brought. No ?? theres a surprise.
          People like this are so ignorant and irresponsible and just continue to perpetuate the poverty cycle, what sort of life are these kids going to have ??


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            Typical Scooter.

            At least they're trying to do something about the situation. I'm sure if they had money, they wouldn't have 7 kids, too.
            Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


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              Illicit adoptions happen all the time. Since you're a WNA I don't recommend it unless all the proper paperwork is followed. Indonesian adoption law is complicated by the requirement that adopters share the same faith as adoptees' biological parents.


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                Should of thought about that maybe after child number two perhaps ???
                And if i am not mistaken KB (birth control) is actually free.


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                  I have an American friend in JATENG who adopted two kids with his Indonesian wife. One was distantly related to her, the other not at all.

                  Also know someone age 30+ who is completely "native" Indonesian, grew up with adoptive Singapore mother + American father.

                  Met an American some years ago in Singapore who said he informally adopted an Indonesian family -- supported *all* their kids, not only the youngest.

                  It's important to clear the adoption with the foreigner's embassy, especially if you ever want a foreign passport for the adopted child.

                  Even if you travel on an Indonesian passport, other countries may ask for proof of adoption.

                  In sum, many people do it legally. If that's a hassle, just give the family money. If you're worried about cash, monitor payment of school tuition, etc.


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                    I was told on good authority that there are strict (upper) age limits on parents who wish to adopt in Australia. I have never researched this. I would assume that this would cause problems if the family adopted here and were intending to migrate to Australia?


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                      [Edited to remove suggested illegal approach.]
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