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Sharing wise, lovely impressive words heard form kids

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    You take the 18 month old on the scooter?
    [COLOR=#ff0000]Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds[/COLOR]. Albert Einstein


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      Originally posted by PhilippeD View Post
      My older girl is not still talking (only 18 month), the most suit thing she "told" me: I bring her on the front yard for let her enjoy the sun, she seat on the car parking and tap the floor aside her, she was asking me to join her : )

      She absolutely enjoy any moment with me, particularly when I bring her do scooter ride. It's very enough for me, she don't need to talk.

      ... but very eager she can talk!!!!
      You are right PhilippeD,Sometimes kids have lovely behaviour. My little daughter was not talking last year when we went to our country(Iran). One time I came back home and I saw she made her grandfather and grandmother dance with her with Barney song:''If you happy and you know it, step your feet, ...". She couldn't sing it properly but my parents understood what to do! Clap hands, step feet,.... .
      "Life is the thought of smelling flowers on the soil of another planet." Sohrab Sepehri


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        Originally posted by Debora View Post
        Yes,Debora.Thank you for saying that (Wow).I think I will always remember his word in whole of my life


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          Originally posted by Mina_H View Post
          Very impressive story Bumblebee. I am sure he is in your heart and you are in his heart for ever.
          Thank you Mina.You are so right,he is always in my heart and on the way around.I will visit him soon in July to his country