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    My husband and our two daughters will be moving to Jakarta in the coming months on a 3 year contract. The accomodation that has been arranged will be an appartment located in the Slipi area.

    My concerns are the travelling time from Slipi to BIS and the activities in the area for an 11 year old and a 5 year old. What is the area like, is there an expat community, are there places for children to play.

    We are looking forward to the move but I`m apprehensive about being in an appartment in Slipi for 3 years

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    Hmm, about 9 miles, not that close. And an apartment with two kids?

    Hopefully it's a temporary solution and they will allow you to look around and change when you're there? Check the conditions of the contract and the budget.
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      slipi to BIS? wow .. that will take forever to get to school. which apt in slipi area if i may ask? will you or your hubby be working around that area?
      if you have to stay in slipi area, probably binus international school would be a choice since it's located in slipi area.
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        So far.....? With traffic at Slipi area and your kids will get exhausted in the car. There area many possibility to have an apartment at South Jakarta with Slipi apartment price or either school closed to Slipi apt...