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  • Might be moving to Jakarta

    Hi,I am a pom, but have been living in Northern Queensland for the last few years. I have been offered a job in Jakarta - Office will be in the CBD. We have 3 young kids - 9, 6 and 1. My biggest concern is the health and saftey of our kids, is this an issue in Jakarta given the issues surrounding pollution and safety on the streets (not that we would let our kids run around on the streets).Sallary wise, I will be getting in the order of $125k AUD, but half of which will still be used to pay of our house in Oz. Is this enough to comfortably live in a house with a maid and driver. Ideally we will be looking to live in a expat community somewhere where the kids can play with the neighbours, but at this stage have no idea whereAre you also able to give me any idea of monthly costs for food, electricity, fuel, water etc. Thanks in advance Rhys

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    A lot depends on the benefits package. People transferred here with MNCs typically receive housing benefits, school tuition, shipping costs, and round trip tickets home for family members once every year or two. (Those are some of the highest cost benefits but there are others as well.) Is your employer giving you a typical expat package?


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      Don't forget income tax. Is it tax free?


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        No it wouldn't be tax free. But maybe by tax free you mean the difference between net salary and gross salary?

        Also here are some threads that might give you guidance in regards to living cost:
        - http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...-next-3-months
        - http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...onfirming-Data


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          Originally posted by El_Goretto View Post
          No it wouldn't be tax free. But maybe by tax free you mean the difference between net salary and gross salary?
          My mistake. Yes, whether it is gonna be net or gross salary.


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            Saw this and just wish to help out (based on my own experiences).
            These are the few key things (among others) that you should be very clear with your employer as an expat:
            1) Make sure that the package proposed is POST Tax (ie, if they say 125K AUD, that means you get 125K AUD as take-home-pay. Whatever you need to pay as personal tax to the government should be taken care of by your employer. And they should be the one helping you to file the personal tax).
            2) As some have said, the next few high costs elements are:
            a) kids tuition fees (I don't have this problem yet but my understanding is that JIS and BIS could be very very expensive in JKT, in the region of tens of thousands of dollar per child per year?). This should be paid for by your employer. But looking at your described package (125K AUD), I am not so sure whether your employer will include this. So, before deciding to take up the offer, please ask very specifically on this point
            b) housing expenses: from your description, I would say the housing for a family of five with live in maid in an expat area could range from 1500USD per month to err..... 10,000 USD a month (hummm... maybe even higher). But a very reasonable apartment could be available at 4000USD per month. Anything below 1500USD per month would be very very difficult.
            c) return air tickets FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY once a year: this should be pretty standard
            d) driver and car to be provided: again, this is pretty standard especially for car to be provided by company. Some companies would give you a driver allowance and ask you to pay your driver based on your own family's usage pattern. In this latter case, I would say an allowance of 2-3 Million IDR is necessary. Again, anything below 2Million IDR would mean you would need to fork out from your own pocket most of the time.
            e) medical benefits for the entire family

            Anyone has anything else to add, please feel free to do so as I am also a newbie to the expat community here.

            I would just add that, even if the above are sorted out, the biggest headaches when you land yourself in Indonesia could be the following:
            a) get a good apartment
            b) get a good maid
            c) get a good driver

            Hope the above helps....


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              hey im a local people in Jakarta, I could help you if you want to find a part time teacher to teach your kids bahasa or french (basic) and also i could help your child to study and adaptable with the condition here. thanks
              for more details please send me a letter in [email protected]



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                Have you ever been to Indonesia before? It's one he'll of a jump if you have never been here as you might be jumping into something you won't like. Indonesia is more pleasant if you're able to speak Bahasa Indonesia. If not, you'll probably be ok... But be sure to keep your house safe as there are sooooo many burglaries out here. Thieves here play so many tricks on victims here too... But that's my main concern here... Just always have someone at the house and don't let any strangers in! Otherwise... Don't let your kids play in the streets if you love them, or in the streams... I think your kids should be ok if they can adapt to the always warm weather... I've never had a heat rash till now... Ah, sorry, I feel like I'm discouraging you quite a bit... With that kind of salary, you'll be just fine.
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