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    I am a new mother, with a 3 month old, and would like to start a "Mother & Baby Group" at Taman Rasuna apartments in Kuningan.

    Free to join - just want to meet other parents to meet and chat about all things in life.

    Meeting at Taman Rasuna or going out for coffee to other places.

    Anybody interested?

    E-mail= [email protected]


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    Hi,.. I'm new in this forum... not yet a mother but a kids photographer... if you need a special photo taken for your kids.. give me a call... or you can see my blog )


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      Hi Shelvina,

      Would love to join your mother group, but I live in North Jakarta (Kelapa Gading), so it's quite far from Rasuna. well give us a shout whenever you're travelling in this direction, perhaps we can meet then


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        Hello Shelvina,

        I am Eliane. I am very happy you have just created this group. I am actually a future mother, 7-month pregnant. I have just moved to Taman Rasuna. I think my mum had a discussion with your husband Ben near the swimming-pool. i would love to meet you. Why not tomorrow at the swimming pool ? Anytime time you wish...
        Looking forward to hearing from you, Eliane.


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          Hi Shelvina, just like Deborah, I'm new in this forum, and not yet a mother but a young entrepreneur.. if Mother and Baby Group need souvenirs or gifts for special event.. you can contact me.. Please go to my webstore "Qushi Craft and Design" you can customize your souvenirs or gifts Thank you.. Have a nice day!


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            I'd like to hang out with mommies here. I live in Bintaro. My social life is lacking