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    Does an Indonesian wife who falsifies documents to marry again, lose her right to care for the child from the official marriage? Any experience, suggestion ?

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    I don't have any experience and I also didn't see similar case in this Forum .

    Without knowing much , I would guess that you should first be sure that your child has an unhappy life caused by the mother and you surely can raise the child better .
    Remember that you can be sure now , but what about later when you marry again and the child will be mostly with the new & strange mother .

    If you are not sure , maybe it would be better to leave the child with the mother until the child completes the age of 12 , then usually in Indonesia , the Court lets the child choose to live with either the mother or the father .

    Note : This 12 y.o. subject is stated in the Indonesian Islamic Law (Article 105 of KHI/Kompilasi Hukum Islam) .
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