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Final questions before wedding

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  • Final questions before wedding


    I am about to get married soon and the more close the day comes I feel like I am totally unprepared and some questions pop up in my mind. I asked my fiance but sheīs so busy with preparing she just keeps saying " donīt worry" or up to you
    Itīs going to be a Sundanese Muslim wedding.
    I am often reading about the bride gifts like praying dress, underwear and so on. But my fiance told me itīs not necessary to give any bride gift because itīs an old worn out tradition, the rings will be enough. Is that true or will I look like a fool if I donīt prepare any?
    Weīll be preparing a "Mas Kawin", the frame with the money inside. We just chose a number/date which had a meaning for us and we didnīt worry to much about the amount of money, itīs not even worth a million Rupiah. Does the value of the money in this case matter or itīs really just about the "meaning"?
    Since we are going back to Europe and have a party here as well, my family and friends are not coming to the wedding in Indonesia. Actually that felt comfortable to me because I didnīt need to take care of them while they stay in Jakarta. Now I start to feel kinda weird, no one will be there but now itīs to late. Anyone of you experienced the same, was it that bad?
    And the last thing which is bothering my mind, the speech. Is that even a thing in Indonesia. In my country the speech of the groom is kinda usual to welcome the guests and so on, how about in Indonesia?
    Hope some people know my situation and can share :P


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    I guess your fiancé is right . You need to think in other more important things , like for example ,. a prenup/separated wealth for allowing your future wife buy Indonesian land . i cannot provide the links for more details now .


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      Haha the prenup is in process, I just need to sign it on Tuesday :P
      But thanks for remember me


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        Sorry for my answer above . I guess it is not usual in Indonesia to have such speech . My own marriage did not have it and was very simple , but of course I have no idea if it is like that in general .