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Islamic marriage in Thailand or Singapore

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  • Islamic marriage in Thailand or Singapore

    I am looking to hear from someone who already married islamic in either Thailand or Singapore. I was told by legal consultant firm in Bangkok that to do the Islamic wedding it is not needed to provide the Letter of no impediment and also no letters for the Indonesian spouse to be married(permission from family, RT, RW etc.). I see several people posting the steps both for Thailand and Singapore but it is not Islamic and since there are differences I really want to be sure I don't get in a jam. In Singapore the Islamic wedding would be done through ROMM and not ROM. Can anyone help with this info asap? Thanks in advance!

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    Perhaps it would be wise to ask this question on Thai or Singaporean forum (e.g.

    I think the ROM(M) websites are rather clear btw, also on required documents (and they do mention a LNI):

    General Documents Needed For All Nationalities

    1. Divorce Certificate or Decree Nisi and Decree Nisi Absolute or Certificate of Making Interim Judgement Final (duly certified by the Courts), if divorced.
    Note: For computer generated divorce papers, please ensure that it is certified a true copy of the original by the issuing authority.
    2. Death and Marriage Certificate of a deceased spouse, if widowed.
    3. Annulment certificate, if marriage is annulled.
    4. Deed poll, if name differs from the name in the NRIC.
    5. Proof of adoption, if adopted.
    6. Conversion card issued by MUIS for Muslim Converts. If conversion is contracted outside Singapore, the certificate should be duly endorsed by MUIS.

    Additional Documents Needed For Other Nationalities

    1. Letter from the country of origin to confirm the marital status, if single (not more than 3 months from date of issuance).

    2. An authorisation letter from the bride's Wali if he is unable to be present for the registration and solemnization due to extenuating circumstances. This authorisation letter can be made in any local marriage registry or official Islamic offices. Download the authorisation form here:

    ( In English - PDF document )
    ( In Malay - PDF document )

    3. A bride who is a Muslim Convert, is below 21 years of age and whose father is not a Muslim Convert, will need to seek parental consent. It should be preferably done in person at the Registry but if he is unable to do so due to extenuating circumstances, he may give his consent in writing. If in writing, her father needs to declare his consent to the marriage in a Statutory Declaration made in the presence of a Commissioner For Oaths. Download the consent form here.
    4. Letter of approval from Work Permit Office, Ministry of Manpower (MOM), if your future spouse is a work permit or ex-work permit holder.
    5. Letter of non-impediment issued by the respective local registries of marriages/Islamic bodies for Malaysian, Indonesian and Bruneian citizens (not more than 3 months from date of issuance).
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      Well the Thai and Singaporean forums don't seem to mention anything about two foreigner getting married Islamic which kinda makes sense since its directed towards Thai, Singaporean and/or foreigners living there. I already looked at the ROMM website and it doesn't actually mention the procedure for two non-singaporeans getting married other than just saying it is possible which is not really enough details. I really would like a reply from someone who has already done this and not just pasting from a website thats not relevant in my situation since I am NOT marrying a Singaporean.


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        I really would like a reply from someone who has already done this and not just pasting from a website thats not relevant in my situation since I am NOT marrying a Singaporean.
        Have you really read the paste above? It specifically states:

        Additional Documents Needed for Other Nationalities.

        That means non Singaporean. And that IS relevant in YOUR situation.

        And if you would read point 5. instead of rejecting anything beforehand, you would even see that Indonesian citizenship is specifically mentioned with the recent LNI as requirement.

        You're welcome btw.
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