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Issues registering overseas wedding in Indonesia

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    Originally posted by ichbinnina View Post
    (1) ... me and my husband are muslim, .. our celebrant who wedded us and he is from adventist church (and it is stated in our marriage certifificate). i go to KUA or Catatan Sipil if i someday think of registering our marriage here? ...

    (2) Will there be any disadvantages from not registering marriage to Indo office/govt. if me n husband don't have plan to reside in Indo anyway?

    I didn't read this new Law yet , but if there is no change in relation to the subject of your questions , then :

    (1) From posts in this Forum , people have been registering foreign marriage certificates at Catatan Sipil , regardless of the religion . I remember one Muslim member saying KUA didn't accept registering his/her foreign certificate .

    (2) No disadvantage , as far as I know , because it was/is required if you want it to be officially recognized in Indonesia and only when/if you move to Indonesia .


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      Awesome.....thanks marcus, exactly what i want to hear ☺
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