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Indonesian girl married with Bangladesh men

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  • Indonesian girl married with Bangladesh men

    Hi, im Indonesian, here want to ask how if i will marry with Bangladesh guy?
    We start a relation around 2 years ago when we bothworking in the same company in Malaysia. but unlucky coz to marry and live there is not easy as Malaysia goverment rules today so dificultand almost impossible for us to get married and stay there.
    So now we decide to start new life and married here.But we not enogh understand how Indonesian gov rule about marrying foreigner.
    Beside that, i need your all help how to find job for him here? He is working as a Finance manager in Bangladesh now and posses a Master degree in Finance field. we have been trying much too find a job through website, posting and posting but still cant get.
    Is this possible for him to get job here?anyone can help him to find a good job?
    and how the procedure to get married first then only look for job here?is that possible for him?
    I wish anyone can help us.

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    To marry in Indonesia , see details in these references :

    I cannot help in the job subject . I only know that it is not easy .
    I think that , even if he gets a job in Indonesia , it will be only for 1 or 2 years . If you marry him , you should consider having to live in Bangladesh or other country , because it is very difficult for him to have a long term job in Indonesia unless he opens his own business .
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      Thank you marcus
      ya actually i realize it also that get a job always dificult everywhere,especialy in Indonesia.
      Even im Indonesian also face such problem before.

      to open our ow business maybe not suit for him in his early year in Indonesia.
      Im very thankfull if there anyone help him to find or recomended a job vacant.