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Looking for school for Kids with Special needs in Bali

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  • Looking for school for Kids with Special needs in Bali


    My Daugater as just been diagnosed with Autisum. we are wonder and have heard of a school in Bali for special needs kids.
    Can anyone help??? Please e-mail me at [email protected] or 081338408941
    Any info is appreciated

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    Good to have spoken to you look forward to meeting you.


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      I'm new to the forum and came across this really interesting post. I too have a child aged 5.5 who's been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Could anybody here share information on schools that cater for special needs children? I've received positive feedback from both the Australian International School and the Green School, but would like to have more options. How about Pelangi for example? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
      PS I am now in Bali with the mission, among many other things, to find a good school for our 2 children.


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        I am a shadow teacher that living in jakarta.
        Email [email protected]


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          Are you suggesting they move their whole family to Jakarta to make use of your services?


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            To answer alex, those two schools are the only ones that I've heard about with regards SEN. However, that's not to say that some others do not have a programme now, only that they do not have the reputation for it. (If you understand what I mean)


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              For anyone who needs extra, or even alternative to school attendance tuition for their child, my wife is a qualified special needs teacher with many years experience gained in Jakarta International schools and also homeschooling there. She is currently looking for hourly, part-time or full-time assignments now that we have relocated to Bali. She has fluent English and mother tongue is Bahasa. Please get in touch for rates and tuition arrangements by emailing me at [email protected]