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Learning english via smart phones

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  • Learning english via smart phones

    Today, I'll give u some tools or smart apps to learn English effectively:
    1. Hi, Native: you can ask from basic English questions to difficult ones. In addition, you also practice speaking English skills via recording your voice and the native speakers will help you check your pronunciations & mistakes
    2. Tutoring: It's a chatting app for people from all walks of life. You can be a tutor (share your knowledge & experience) or a learner (desire studying English). If you are the learner, you will find out suitable tutors and connect them to have some lessons with them. After studying, they will assess your English level and give you some advice to improve your English skills
    Both English apps are awesome, the former helps you enhance your grammar, the latter makes you boost your listening and speaking skills.
    You can download free on Android or iOS (y)
    Hope it helpful
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    Good sharing (Y) I've been using Tutoring. On this app, having a lot of Indonesia teachers and they also teach well
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      You should try out the "Utter App" if you want to learn English via Smartphone.