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  • Looking for my private English tutor


    I'm Korean and stay in Jakarta Selatan specifically Kemang area.
    I'm looking for my private English tutor who is able to improve my terrible English skills.
    If it is possible, I prefer to take a lesson from native speaker for general conversation.
    But I also can take it with non-native speaker, If someone has a good pronunciation.

    I'm not good with English speaking, vocabulary ability and pronunciation, English grammar too.
    I have to improve it in a short period of time, If it is possible
    So If anyone can help me, feel free to contact me via PM with your rate and your information, please.
    Thank you.

    Have a good weekend.

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    Rohn Jhee , be alerted that according to Indonesian Law you are prohibited to directly hire a foreigner . It is a crime that both you and the foreign teacher can go to jail (up to 5 years) + fined (up to Rp500 million) .

    You better get an Indonesian teacher , or a foreign teacher from a company that specifically provide this kind of service , or hire a foreigner married with Indonesian and holding a KITAS or KITAP , or : a foreigner ex-Indonesian (holding KITAP) , or a foreigner having an Indonesian father or mother (holding KITAP) .

    A foreigner who has a Work Permit/KITAS to teach in a school is also prohibited to teach elsewhere .

    To look for a teacher you can search the internet for : jasa guru privat bahasa Inggris di Jakarta Selatan (or Kemang) , or guru privat bahasa Inggris di Jakarta Selatan/kemang , or ..
    If translation is necessary , you can use Google Translate


    UU no.13 , year 2003
    ARTICLE 42
    (1) Every employer that employs foreign worker is under an obligation to obtain written permission from Minister.
    (2) An employer who is an individual person is prohibited from employing foreign worker.


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      Thanks Marcus. Noted.


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        I am interested and available for you


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          Whatsapp me to +6281291418187