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    Hello, I need native English teacher for business English, preferably women from UK or US in Kemang, South Jakarta. If you interested please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks

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    Be informed that an individual is prohibited to hire a foreigner . It is a crime that both the employer and the foreigner may end up in jail (up to 5 years) + fined (up to Rp500 million) .

    You either get a teacher from a company that specifically provide this kind of service or hire a foreigner married with Indonesian and holding a KITAS or KITAP , or : foreigner ex-Indonesian (holding KITAP) , foreigner having an Indonesian father or mother (holding KITAP) .

    A foreigner who has a Work Permit/KITAS for teaching in a school also is prohibited to teach elsewhere or for another employer .


    UU no.13 , year 2003
    ARTICLE 42
    (1) Every employer that employs foreign worker is under an obligation to obtain written permission from Minister.
    (2) An employer who is an individual person is prohibited from employing foreign worker.


    UU6 - year 2011
    Article 122
    Shall be punished with imprisonment of five (5) years and fined at most Rp500.000.000, 00 (five hundred million rupiah):

    a. any foreigner who deliberately misuse or engage in activities not in accordance with the intent and purpose of the Visa/Stay Permit given to him/her;

    b. any person who ordered or provide opportunity for the foreigner to misuse or engage in activities inconsistent with intent or purpose of the Visa/Stay Permit given to him/her.