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Preschool/Nursery/Playschool in Karawaci

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  • Preschool/Nursery/Playschool in Karawaci

    I am looking for a preschool/nursery/playschool for my children aged 2 and 3. Kindly advice what options do I have in Karawaci. Besides schools, is there any enrichment class available around the neighbourhood eg ballet, music, lil gym and etc ?

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    In Karawaci we have pelita harapan school. Ypu can open the link here :


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      Thank you Shamilan....besides SPH, is there any other smaller scale kinda MOntessori/NUrsery? My lil girl is a bit shy and I think she will be more comfortable in an intimate environment than a big school. She is only 3 and don't wanna rush her if she is not ready.


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        Hope you got a good preschool for your children.Here at Delhi,I am a working lady I am also looking for a good playschool for my 1.5 years old baby.


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          There are many schools in Karawaci and surrounding areas. In Karawaci there are Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH), and Dian Harapan (DH) (both owned by the same foundation). SPH is the premium school with international standards and facilities. While DH is more economical.

          If you want to venture a little bit out of the area, there are other quality schools, such as Sekolah Harapan Bangsa (Modernland), Stella Maris (Gading Serpong), Pahoa (Gading Serpong).

          If your kid is a little shy, you can try Sekolah Harapan Bangsa in Modernland. They have a dedicated building just for the Pre-School level. Their class is only limited to 20 students, with 3 staffs (2 teachers, and 1 helper). and the building itself is not very big. Just 10 classes if i'm not mistaken. You can also accompany your child on the first weeks in the class. And they also teach Mandarin as well.


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            DH is National Plus and the foundation plans to build branches in many cities ... someday.