FOR SALE RARE Authentic Vintage Gibson Les Paul USA 1999 w/ Original gibson Hardcase + Bonus if the price is right

Sell VINTAGE Grade 100% Original Collectors Rare Electric Gibson USA Les Paul Standard Guitar. All components are still original manufacturer. Rare Electric Guitar,

Made In Gibson Company Nashville Plant, Tennesse, USA. In 1999, the serial number was in the photo (Can be checked).

finishing if it's not wrong is honey gold burst with wood fiber that looks clearly, not faded.
complete condition (with Gibson Usa original hardcase leather) and there is still a prepack checklist of the original Gibson USA factory. Prime condition is 99-100% very well maintained. neck perfect all good. what is certain is that there are no fake parts at all, Gibson USA all authentic.. rarely used because its a private collections

If the price is good like i offered, you will get a clear-front les paul hardcase bonus to hang in the wall, display and museum the guitar. the original item is well maintained and very complete now it's really rare especially the Gibson Company is closed ... let's wrap it up...

Price: 2800 USD
Contact: +6283813155536
EMAIL: [email protected]

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