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WTS: 24" Mountain Bike

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  • WTS: 24" Mountain Bike

    The bike is a 24”, 7 speed Polygon mountain bike. The frame color is metallic blue with highlighted strips and made from steel. The components are Shimano and Tektro side pull brakes.

    We bought this bike at a local bike shop and my son only road the bike less than 10 times and the bike and very good condition. As you may know, most bike dealer do not sell 24” bike because the size is not popular. The bike have been sitting in our living room and never stored outside or in our garage.

    I bought this bike for my 9 year old son and unfortunately, now he has grown up.

    We live near Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) in south Jakarta and will be happy to meet at Starbucks Teragong Raya. Your kid can test the bike and see if the bike is appropriate for his/her size.

    Asking for Rp1,200.000 or best offer.

    Email me @ [email protected], if you are interested to arrange a meeting.

    Thanks for looking at my post.

    Please note I tried to upload some photos of the bike, but I kept getting error messages. Email me and I will be glad to email you the photos.