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Old and rare books for sale.

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  • Old and rare books for sale.

    Just like the ancient maps, I have quite a number of antique and rather special books which I will offer for sale. All for clearance. Since it is quite some work to put it all on Flickr c.s. (just a picture won't cut it), and I don't want to invest all this time for nothing, I will just start with a sample here to measure the level of interest.

    Quite many are about Indonesia (well, more Nederlands Indiƫ), especially very old children's books and picture collection books (the ones you got at Droste chocolate in the thirties for instance).

    But I also have quite some books in English, German and French. Underneath I put a couple of arbitrary samples. If you're interested or have any questions, let me know. Obviously there will be discounts when you get more than one. The easiest is to send the book to your home address by TiKi, sometimes a COD might be possible.

    All three in the English language:

    The world of Jan Brandes; 1743-1808
    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 2004.
    New. With dust cover. Size: 43x30 cm. Weight 3 kg.

    This is a beautiful big book from 2004 on the travels of a Dutch pastor. For info on Jan Brandes, see the Dutch version of Wikipedia or:

    Asking price: $140

    California on Stone
    Harry T. Peters - New York, Garden City, Doubleday, Dora & Co, 1935.
    Used but in very good shape. Glazed linen cover with black and gold print. 32x24 cm.

    This is an original of 1935, which was a limited edition of 501 books. (So not the 1976 reprint!) It has 227 pages with 112 plates on 99 leaves, 12 in color. It is called the most extensive work on the history of California lithography. The book is arranged alphabetically by publisher. He gives a history of the specific firm, known address or addresses and lists the primary lithographs produced.

    Asking price: $150

    Ladies of the American Community. Second edition 1948.
    Used. But in reasonable shape. Hardcover. Combination of Japanese and English language.

    This book gives an unique, interesting and sometimes also hilarious insight of the western households in occupied Japan. Written with the post-war American housewife in mind, during heavy military occupation in Japan, this was a popular compendium. The bilingual printing was designed to breach the language barrier between the housewife and her Japanese servants. Includes chapters on housekeeping and recipes for entertaining.

    Asking price: $85
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    Ah, here an example of some French books:

    Histoire de la Locomotion Terrestre. Les Chemins de Fer
    DOLLFUS Charles et Edgar DE GEOFFROY, Paris 1935.

    Large book of 29 x 37,5 cm. Covering the complete history of the railway; 376 pages packed with train prints, including many large full color ones.

    Asking price: $95

    Les Grandes Inventions
    Anciennes et Modernes
    dans les sciences, l’industrie et les arts.
    Louis Figuier - Paris, libraire de L. Hachette, 1861

    French book describing the most important inventions in history. Many pictures in 432 pages, and a red linen cover with ornamental decorations in goldprint. Size 24,5 x 17 cm. Nice and decorative book in a pretty good shape.

    Asking price: $65 -
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