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Pure clove oil?

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  • Pure clove oil?

    Hello everybody,

    Here in Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan) it's very difficult to get anything apart from FMCG. Even DHL takes up to 4 months to deliver packages from Australia. We have documentary evidence of that.

    I have spent ages trying to find one litre of pure clove oil. Impossible. I need it to preserve a huge paper mache sculpture to highlight the deforestation here, and help get the public thinking about what this means for the future of Kalimantan.

    Apparently pure clove oil prevents weevils, mould and other nasties from destroying paper mache. I have taken other actions such as adding tons of salt to deter the very big rats as well.

    If anyone knows where we can get genuine 100% pure clove oil, would you let me know? We did find a guy who tried to sell us a dodgy mix that looked like bitumen, then another seller who refused to give his whereabouts, and then another guy tried to sell us a bottle of clove oil mixed with whatever the cigarette manufacturers require.

    Please, if you can help, let us know. I have 4 cubic metres of scrap paper waiting in storage, all salvaged from the streets of Banjarmasin and saved from being burned or thrown into the urban drains. But I can't create this awareness-type artwork until I have the clove oil.

    Thanks and regards, Alastair

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    I'm a bit surprised to see in the other post you pointing out a lot of 'dangerous'* food and environmental unfriendly products used over here, while you yourself want to apply an oil that has major risks and side effects. (Chemical Pneumonia, allergies, cancer, ...) Even if it is used for cosmetics and detergents, I would not expose people to that product.
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      Hi. Is clove oil really a cause of such diseases? Thanks for telling me. I will check that out, since professional advice I took assured the public clove oil is safe. I will look at this, so thank you.