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(WTS) Paracord Bracelet and Paracord Camera Strap

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  • (WTS) Paracord Bracelet and Paracord Camera Strap


    Hey boys and girls in Jakarta, Tangerang and whole of Indonesia

    Apa kabar ?

    Let's me introduce myself, my name is Agung, I live in Tangerang, Banten, I am a seller and crafter of Paracord bracelet and camera strap

    below is the picture of paracord bracelet which i made myself

    paracord bracelet has many models. any sliding knot, basic, fish tail, king cobra and many more

    you can request to your own model

    the model of paracord bracelet gonna be updated periodically

    [COLOR=#0000cd]do not hesitate and feel free to contact me
    [COLOR=#0000cd]Call / Text / Whatsapp / Line: 0857-4853-8380 / 0822-1369-3577[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#0000cd]id Line juragancidomo[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#0000cd]BBM Pin : 54F1C3A2[/COLOR]

    if you wanna learn how to make paracord bracelet i can teach you how to made it

    the price starts from 10000 to 45000 Rupiah for paracord bracelet (so cheap is'nt it !)

    and 50000 to 80000 for paracord strap camera

    you can buy my paracord bracelet by Cash on delivery and i'm going to your place then you choose that my paracord bracelet you like

    if you are not in jakarta or tangerang, i am going to send it by JNE expedition, you can order online by choosing the model and color on my Picasaweb and send the picture via whatsapp BBM or Line, i will make your own paracord bracelet[/SIZE]

    you can add mini buckle, compass, stopper, etc on paracord bracelet

    you can see my stuff on picasaweb (for paracord camera strap ) (for paracord bracelet)

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