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Luxurious Gemstones for Sale (reliable)

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  • Luxurious Gemstones for Sale (reliable)

    Hi All,

    Gemstone is currently booming in Indonesia due to its beauty. I have some special collections for sale.
    Collection number 1 : Bacan Kristal (crystallized Bacan). Details as follows:

    origin :Maluku
    dimensions 22mm x 15 mm
    open price: 6,000,000 IDR

    interested? please SMS to 0821 8144 0004
    I am real

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    origin :Maluku
    dimensions 25mm x 18mm x 15 mm
    open price: 2,000,000 IDR

    interested? please SMS to 0821 8144 0004


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      dimensions 30mm x 30mm x 10 mm
      open price: 3,500,000 IDR


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        Would anyone buy these with a horrid blurry cell phone photo only? I'd work on taking some better pictures.
        Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


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          Aww, c'mon, the background is nicely in focus in the last pic

          Just out of interest I was trying to work out what "Bacan Kristal (crystallized Bacan)" actually is. In case anyone cares I've come to the conclusion it's an agate, perhaps with a taint of Chrysocolla, from the island of Bacan, which lies to the southwest of Halmahera in the Maluku Islands. It seems to be known more commonly as Batu Bacan, and is quite popular if the quantity of ads on OLX are any indication. Agate is usually regarded as a semi-precious stone.

          Feel free to correct me if you know better.
          Sometimes I feel I must be lexdysic.


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            thank you for explainig