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Premium Batik souvenirs

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  • hendry_ohe
    Yeah, pics would be great.... but question is how come a premium batik tulis sold at Rp10K?

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  • Jaime C
    Some pictures would be nice.

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  • drihonhon
    started a topic Premium Batik souvenirs

    Premium Batik souvenirs

    Hi all,
    I have just started my business in premium batik souvenirs and gimmick.

    Why premium? Because we are only using medium to high end materials batik tulis. Made to order, and we will help you with the design.

    We recently produces tote bag, and now we are preparing frames (mix with wooded materials).

    Prices are varies starting from 10,000 to the sky is the limit =)

    The more you order, the cheaper the price is. Minimum order 150 pcs, shipment is available within the country (Still not sure bout import rules).

    Have something in mind for your next corporate events? or simply wanted to know our product, please do not hesitate to contact us:

    Indri 081212316718
    or simply drop us an email: [email protected]