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Sell original liquor. Order and get a bonus. Cash on delivery arround jakarta

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  • Sell original liquor. Order and get a bonus. Cash on delivery arround jakarta

    [COLOR=#b22222][SIZE=6][FONT=times new roman]LIQUORforEXPATRIATE[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4]We Are The Solution !!! We Deliver Your Order To Your Home / hOUSE / Apartment / Hotels in Jakarta (No Minimum Order, FREE DELIVERY CHARGE)...[/SIZE]

    # JW RED LABEL 750ML ( Rp 350.000 )
    # JW BLACK LABEL 750ML ( Rp 480.000 )
    # CHIVAS REGAL 12YO 750ML ( Rp 480.000 )
    # CHIVAS REGAL 18 YO 750ML ( Rp 850.000 )
    # JACK DANIELS 700ML ( Rp 450.000 )
    # JACK DANIELS HONEY 700ML ( Rp 550.000 )
    # MACALLAN 12YO 750ML ( Rp 850.000 )
    # GLENNFIDDICH 12YO 750ML ( Rp 850.000 )
    # HIGHLAND BREEZE 750ML ( Rp 350.000 ) 43% Alc
    # KING ROBERT II 1Liter ( Rp 380.000 ) 43% Alc

    # SMIRNOFF RED 750ML ( Rp 320.000 )
    # ABSOLUT VODKA 750ML ( Rp 350.000 )
    # ABSOLUT 100 1L ( Rp 550.000 )
    # GREYGOOSE 750ML ( Rp 580.000 )
    # CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA 750ML ( Rp 1.400.000 ) (*) INDENT (*)

    # ABSOLUT MANGO 750ML ( Rp 380.000 )
    # ABSOLUT KURANT 750ML ( Rp 380.000 )
    # ABSOLUT APEACH 750ML ( Rp 380.000 )
    # ABSOLUT MANDRIN 750ML ( Rp 380.000 )
    # ABSOLUT RASPBERRY 750ML ( Rp 380.000 )

    # MARTELL VSOP MEDALION 700ML ( Rp 750.000 )

    # ST.REMMY VSOP 700ML ( Rp 450.000 )

    # JOSE CUERVO ESPECIAL 750ML ( Rp 340.000 )

    # COINTREAU 700ML ( Rp 400.000 )
    # JAGERMEISTER 700ML ( Rp 450.000 )
    # VACCARI SAMBUCA 750ML ( Rp 420.000 )
    # GALLIANO YELLOW 750ML ( Rp 450.000 )
    - BLUE CACAO ( Rp 350.000 )
    - TRIPLE SEC ( Rp 350.000 )
    - GREEN PEPPERMINT ( Rp 350.000 )
    - KIRSCH ( Rp 350.000 )
    - CHERRY BRANDY ( Rp 350.000 )

    # BACARDI LIGHT 750ML ( Rp 350.000 )
    # BACARDI LIMON 750ML( Rp 370.000 )
    # BACARDI 151 750ML 75%Alc ( Rp 650.000 )
    # MYERS DARK RUM 750ML ( Rp 320.000 )
    # MALIBU COCONUT 750ML ( Rp 350.000 )

    # GORDON DRY GIN 750ML ( Rp 320.000 )
    # BOMBAY SAPPHIRE 750ML ( Rp 380.000 )

    [SIZE=4]PHONE / WHATSAPP / LINE : +6289650009428
    [/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=arial black][SIZE=3]* Prices INCLUDE delivery charge / FREE DELIVERY CHARGE arround Jakarta
    * All Product Original Guarantee[/SIZE]










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    normally i don't like spam but that is a very good price for the Macallan 12. They do not sell this in the EU/US anymore, all stocks are for the asian market only thus the price for any available in the UK keep rising. it is £75 now. your price in GBP is £42. i saw a similar price in a 7-11 in Cambodia, but i didn't trust it on account of so many fakes of booze being reported. How can you guarantee yours is the genuine article?


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      I wonder how many different people are posting these alcohol ads? Do any of them (or him, if there's only one with a new sock puppet every week) bother to read the forum guidelines about which section to post advertisements in?

      Anyway, as I noted in response to the other/same OP in another one of these endless threads, typical duty free price at liquor shops in malls in Batam are UNDER 200,000 for JW red and UNDER 400,000 for JW black. This suggests that OP is using a similar supply chain, but with slight markup for Jakarta expenses, etc.

      Donting's question is a good one, but there's an old saying about "master of the option": if we are not capable of testing the authenticity, is it meaningful to ask the question? I doubt there is anyone who is going to say, "Yes, my goods are fake" unless they are selling obviously cheap imitation watches...


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        Good point sir, but I am perhaps hoping for an answer such as "we supply bluegrass and aphro in kuningan with wholesale, and x-number of other places and or happy customers", and then perhaps i could go and ask the question to someone in the aforementioned places and see what's the craic. wouldn't mind the mrs bringing me back a couple of bottles of 12 on her way back to the UK next time, ideal for both drinking and gifts.


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          Yes, we can get some evidence from a social network sharing about a specific source of liquor. Hopefully, the people vouching for it weren't too drunk when they opened the bottle and were sure the stuff was authentic!


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            New or used?
            [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Warden: "What we got here ... is failure to communicate."

            The Dude: "Oh yeah? Well that's just, like, your opinion, man."[/FONT]


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              Is the wax seal on the bottle solid evidence of new? I heard that Thais had mastered the art of counterfeit sealing on their "imported" liquor 20 years ago.


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                C'mon people at these prices they are not original. If China can counterfeit Apple and IKEA stores bottles of booze is a snap! hahaha


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                  I dont think its a fair comparison.
                  One is furniture and look at a somewhat macro scale (no one inspects the apple furniture to deem if the handphone is genuine), the other is inspected on a micro scale where alcohol is a chemical composition and specifically tamper-evident packaging is inspected to deem if the alcohol is genuine, before tasting it.

                  Then again, I dont really drink so they can fool me.


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                    I tend to agree with Chilled, but Tihzo is right to voice *some* amount of skepticism. Not total skepticism, because alcohol prices didn't drop all that much after Prohibition ended. There is still a huge markup, including "sin tax", so if you can circumvent some of that (e.g., duty free, smuggling), then you can really slash the price. Of course, a counterfeiter can make *serious* profit by making crap and pricing it to match the smuggler. So, who really knows?


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                      One sniff I will know if it's not macallan, against an inferior product. But I think it will be a lot easier than simply knowing about whiskey, I think if it is a fake then anyone would know.. As the replacement product would have to be pretty diabolical (cheap crap) for them to make any money out of the whole excercise. Think about it, a product which is even slightly convincing would have to be pretty decent to fool even the average punter that what they were drinking was what they thought they were buying. This guys business would dry up within a matter of weeks if he was trying to push something even more inferior to Johnny red, as macallan 12 for arguments sake. I'd want to go round there and smash the bottle over his head in front of his wife and kids if he tried to pull a stunt like that. No one would accept that kind of bullshit and they'd be banging on his door for their money back. So almost doesn't make sense that it would be fake. But never the less I have heard about fakes being sold in SE asia, but usually it's lower end stuff like resealed Smirnoff bottles where the difference to the average punter is negligible or non existent once mixed with coke. In Thailand it's standard practice in bars. Trying to push upper end products though I'm not sure if it would be worth it as they wouldn't get away with it. Some nutter will eventually get upset and go round to the OPs and torch the place
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                        Normally the ripp off stuff is priced at 100,000 or so a bottle. (And smells like turps) I think this guy's stuff is real.


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                          Only one way to find out. Who's going to take the plunge first?


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                            Come come, lets all meet at someones house, and we chip in for a bottle or three.
                            OP joins us, if he comes out of the house alive, we are customers for life.

                            [SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=arial black][SIZE=3]* FREE COCACOLA 1 LITRE[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
                            Remember to check that the coke is real too!


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                              I don't think the prices are that good anyway. I can get 1 litre JD for 350,000 a bottle, and JW Black 750 ml for 350,000.

                              I think there were other cheaper options advertised before on here...