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Exclusive Chess Sets - Handmade 4.5kg 925 Sterling Silver & Royal Selangor Camelot

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  • Exclusive Chess Sets - Handmade 4.5kg 925 Sterling Silver & Royal Selangor Camelot

    Tom's Silver Jogja Sterling Silver / Perak 925 Chess Piece Set

    [/COLOR][/SIZE] The design of the pieces were originally under solid wood form some 40 years ago when my father was in Nepal. He didn't like how the pieces chip so easily, so he decided to go to Tom's Silver at Kotagede, Yogyakarta and have a solid Sterling Silver 925 version of it, all done by hand, as every pawn piece has a different expression, proving it being handmade by one of the finest silversmiths in Indonesia. Also, each piece is hallmarked with 925 engraved. The casting was done a couple decades ago, and as for the design itself it should be unquestionable in terms of value.

    [COLOR=green]Condition:[/COLOR] Silver is silver. They are tarnished, but with proper cleaning (electrolysis) I can regain their shine. I'll do this by request of the buyer. A game of chess has two teams, one might want Black to stay tarnished to be able to distinguish between Black and White. Tarnish does not affect quality. Understanding the element Ag will answer that question



    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]================================================== ======[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [COLOR=#006400][SIZE=6]Royal Selangor Camelot Pewter Chess Set


    Made out of Pewter. Fullset; everything complete.
    [COLOR=#006400]Condition: [/COLOR]Very mint condition. Needs cleaning to regain shine. Request actual pictures by BBM / Email.

    [COLOR=orange][SIZE=5]PRICE SET - 15jt[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Got some of them cleaned..

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    Please note that prices are firm and cannot go any lower. Buyers who want to purchase by PayPal can do so through my verified PP account.
    Prices in USD will be sent by email or by phone. Thanks.
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