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8000 Wp solar PV system - overstock

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    Thanks a lot Rabbit

    Following your explanation, I think it would somewhere make sense to put around 60 of the panel on the west for covering the need of AC in afternoon.

    The concept I'm working on (more in my mind than on paper) is the following

    Ruko on stilt: Previously for protection again flood which have move to maximization of the land space for parking (on a land without flooding).
    Building on 2 or 3 level (upper the stilt): this part is not still fully define, I'm exploring different possibility, the main goal is to have a energy efficient building which will include my house and business. I intend to use the principle of cathedral ceiling for heat evacuation
    Roof on 4 side: for have the max of shading, the center part would be higher and made of the solar panel. There is the part I want figure out how much surface of solar panel is needed for I can figure out the surface of the roof.

    I expect the cost of the solar panel would be partially absorbed by using them as roof.
    Also, as explained before by Rabbit, the solar panel have their best profitability when not use with battery, when the electricity produce is directly used.
    Which mean I count the solar panel for covering the day use of electricity, not as a "stand alone" system disconnected of PLN.

    Genset: If only a house, I would build it in a way I would not need genset. Good isolation and use of natural heat evacuation should do the trick. Almost everyday in morning the air is more fresh outside than inside under the AC!!!
    With a business that consume electricity, the genset is needed. With a business which would include cooking (frying) I would look for diesel genset converted to work on cooking oil.

    Rain water recuperation: I also want recuperate the rain water from the roof for washing purpose, maybe for drink too if proper filtering is added (and I have the certitude the water is drinkable). The rain water would be stock in a water tower (probably as part of the building for reducing the cost) where the water would be distributed in the building through gravity. Like this their is no need to have a pump that keep pressure in the building plumbing.
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      Bali88: since the report is a matter of public record anyway, here is a link: