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looking for whole seller of baby clothes and all the other stuff a new baby needs

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  • looking for whole seller of baby clothes and all the other stuff a new baby needs

    Hi! i dont know if this is the right place for this thread...if not mods please move it to the correct location

    i am looking for a whole seller for all things for newborn babies and older babies... anybody know of any??????
    thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

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    hi bronze7, in mall itc + ambassador, south jakarta (kuningan) thr are several baby shops in which u can find almost everything of all major companies ...infact in itc mall on top floor r many baby shops... hope it will help


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      ya i know of the baby shops in itc's. but im looking for a supplier for baby shops. me and my wife are wanting to open one soon. thanks tho!


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        OP, get on to Kaskus. You'll find them there.


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          Try Plenty of suppliers there.

          When my wife wants my opinion, she gives it to me


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            Hi Bronze7, visit or for wholesale baby clothes in Indonesia. Or u can visit their facebook page
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              In Tanah Abang, you'll probably get local-made baby clothing (no brand at all, but some have cute copycat-disney character prints, etc). Other baby stuff might be China-made as well. Besides Tanah Abang, you can try to hunt at Mangga Dua, but I would say the collection is not much different than Tanah Abang.
              If you want to get branded baby cloths, most possible way is to visit factory outlet stores. But to tell you the truth, baby clothes here does not have much varieties and probably is the last season stock (you don't want to sell last-season-baby-GAP while everyone can get the new-arrival-baby-GAP just inside the mall, don't you?).


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                I am Kalingga Babyshop. We are one of distributor of Mom and Bab brand in indonesia. You may visit us in here.
                Example of our products are in below.
                swater vest spring.jpgcardigan dress spring.jpgvelvet sets spring.jpgvelvet dress spring.jpgfleece top spring.jpg2in1 long sleeve tee spring.jpg4IN1 BODYSUIT spring.jpg

                I am looking for your response in near future.
                Thank you.


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                  Hi, everyone!

                  I like shopping online. It is very convenient. It helps to save time and money. You can do many things simultaneously. Moreover, you can open a store online and start your own business.

                  By the way, I recommend you to visit some good sites of online shops: