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  • Need a Robot Vacuum

    What are your recommendations?

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    My pet-robot-vacuum-cleaner is pretty reliable in handling all the home cleaning.The model is eufy. It's quite expensive but totally worth it. However, if you're also thinking about such automatic helper read this article Even for $125 you can get a satisfying one
    So, you've decided to choose the best robot vacuum among lots of those available on the market. Then I'd advise you to spend some time reading this detailed robot vacuum reviews, which will definitely save your efforts and money. Here we have answers to the following most frequently asked questions: How can this automatic vacuum


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      I have one that I use occasionally, but I often just find it easier to use my Shark Rocket Ultralight. I wouldn't really consider the Roomba a vacuum, but rather a sweeper. The little filter has to be cleaned after every use, which requires a vacuum or compressed air. It works okay on low pile indoor/outdoor style rugs, but will bog down on thicker carpets.

      My biggest complaint is that if you have very many electronics around, the Roomba will get tangled in the wires if they are on the floor. Mine is bad about going under my tv stand and getting into the cables that go to the satellite receiver... same thing in the bedroom, it has pulled my alarm clock and lamp off of my nightstand before. The less clutter you have, the more satisfied you'll be with it.


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        I use ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 and this little guy is unbelievable. If you are barefooted around the house a lot you will have never felt your floor so clean. The dustbin fills up quickly. Maybe that's because we just ran it for the first time. To say that it is super quiet is an overstatement. It's not loud it's just not super quiet. I am sitting next to a five speed fan and they are probably equally as loud. This guy is my new friend and has made my life a lot easier. It's salt a big problem for me and saves a lot of time. If you thought your floors were clean give us a try and be surprised at how much it picks up. This thing is great!
        This is a comprehensive comparison between the Deebot N79 and N79S. It includes a review of the features, advantages, disadvantages, pros, cons and their comparison. It will act as a guide for choosing the right model or brand for your vacuum cleaning needs.