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Moving to Bandung soon. Need Washer, King Sized Bed/Base, Fridge, Stove/Oven

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  • Moving to Bandung soon. Need Washer, King Sized Bed/Base, Fridge, Stove/Oven

    Well, we had a stay in Bandung and really liked it. Much cooler than Jakarta, and since there's no real need to stay in Jakarta, we're moving in about a month and a half.

    A big thanks to Bad_Azz, who helped out enormously. I just sent her a note to see if she knew of any good places for rent there. No real plans to live there, but we've been trying to decide where to live since February of this year. We were thinking of Bali/Lombok, or another year in Jakarta.

    We'll be leaving Jakarta near the end of July. So if I can arrange transport (any ideas for something reasonable?), could pick the stuff up in Jakarta and take it there. Otherwise, in Bandung would be great.

    Looking for stuff in good shape. Would love a front loading washer, but am flexible. A gas stove/oven combo would be ideal.

    Just PM me here, or post with a link if you have pictures/info.
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    I can probably help you with hiring a truck... will need to chat with my lovely assistant - he , as you know, is a star.
    As for washer / Fridge / Stove etc...
    If you decide to buy new here in Bdg... then Carrefour and IBCC stock all of the stuff you are asking for - plus I know one or two other little gems that sell pretty much what you need.
    Jl ABC... is the place to find just about everything (apparently that is why it is so called), more than happy to take you and your lovely wife down there if you need.
    There is a very decent eatery down there that does Gorame goreng too...

    My Bed cost approx 3 juta but it is good quality.
    My Fridge freezer was less than 2jt
    My stove was 5jt or so .. but I believe they are now at about 7jt.
    Washing machines - well, cheap at around 1 juta.

    And I love your new house - I shall be waiting for the invitation to come sit on your garden wall and shoot the breeze....
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      Ok, found about half the items we need.

      Still need a fridge, and a queen or king sized bed with base. Maybe an outside sofa, so B A can sit on the front porch.

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        Lol, better make it a nice comfy one then
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          Still looking for a fridge, a sturdy base for a queen bed, and perhaps a king bed. We move in about a week from Jakarta to Bandung, so can pick up in either city.

          Also looking for baby stuff.

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