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  • Are you looking for home accessories?

    Dear all member

    Qushi Craft and Design
    is an online boutique shop complete with decorative and limited home products, to make living more enjoyable.

    The Products:
    * Cushion ( Plain and Printed).

    * Tissue Case.

    * Bread Container.

    * Casserole Carrier.

    * Lighting.

    * Souvenirs.
    You can customize your souvenirs or gifts for wedding souvenirs, birthday souvenirs, etc.

    for more information, please contact us:
    Call/SMS: 085781581150
    Email: [email protected]

    Happy shopping and have a nice day all.
    Qushi Craft and Design - Handmade Fabric for Modern Living.

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    Originally posted by Jorucel12
    Well, can I get your cushion example? A pict maybe. Because I'm planning to buy some furniture for my house and I'm so confuse choosing all the furniture. My friend suggesting me to buy some in Urecel QuickDry. Any idea how to choose the best furniture for my house?
    It seems strange that you are forwarding your friend's suggestion about urecel and your signature is also urecel... Do you not personally know about the product you are promoting?
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