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Free clothes, dry food, blanket, etc.

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  • Free clothes, dry food, blanket, etc.

    Hi all,
    We delivered some foods for refugees living around Kebon Sirih last night. They live in a small tents. Met two families, around 5-6 people live in one tent. One family has a 1 and 8 months old baby and some older sons. Another family has a girl and some more kids. There are some individual adults too living in those tents. We also delivered some clothes, pillows and bed sheet, anything that we think would be useful for them.
    One of the children, they speak Farsi, and luckily my friend speaks the language said "Give us more food" and the father said "We haven't been eating for two days". It was heart breaking to see them and hear them saying that and very close to them food are sold with so many people having good time eating (though that's not the main issue).
    So if anyone interested to donate anything for them and would like me to pick them up or arrange a meeting point, I would be happy to collect them and send to them. Especially clothes, dry food, old carpet, pillow, blanket,etc.
    Planning to do this as a regular thing.
    Message me if you want to know more.