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Diplomatic car for sale Toyota Innova 2009 Luxury

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  • Diplomatic car for sale Toyota Innova 2009 Luxury

    - Toyota Innova Kijang Luxury 2009 2.0g Automatic
    - 100,000 km
    - colour: black

    - Newly changed battery
    - Ready for handover anytime

    - Price 90,000,000 IDR or 6,300 USD (totally negotiable)

    I have troubles uploading photos so those interested, please feel free to contact me directly through Whatsapp +822 9922 3219

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    Originally posted by Parintorn View Post
    Diplomatic car ...
    ... Price 90,000,000 IDR or 6,300 USD ...

    Do you know how much the buyer had to pay in additional tax - the tax that the Diplomat didn't pay but the new owner (if not a Diplomat too) have to pay ?
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      Dear Marcus, I've checked with my staff and for my car it'll be around 60-80 million IDR. Anyhow, if you're interested, I'm willing to lower the selling price so that the total price is still reasonable.


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        Still available or sold out? I wanna buy it and I was looking for it last 2 weeks, finally, I found there, I first time ride on it when my brother take it on rent fromĀ Car Rental 8 Coupons, from that time I am biggest fan of this car, can you reconsider price??