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2004 Kijang Kapsul For Sale

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  • 2004 Kijang Kapsul For Sale

    24 November update: the car was sold today for the asking price.

    2004 Kijang Kapsul LGX automatic; 123,000 kilometers; regularly serviced; good mechanical condition; newer tires and battery; motorcycle dings here and there, but never been in an accident. Rp. 115 million. Located in Cijantung/Pasar Rebo, Jakarta Timur. I am in Cilandak every week day, so I can bring the car to CITOS for viewing.

    Doll Hs & Car 006a.jpgDoll Hs & Car 005a.jpg

    [FONT=arial narrow]Added later: The asking price was reduced to Rp. 115 Juta on November 7th.[/FONT]
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    The price is, of course, negotiable.


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      Without wanting to harm your chances of a sale, I do think it is slightly overpriced.


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        He's been in Indonesia too long and expect people to counter to 50% of the price, he'll counter with 95%, then up to 66% and eventually end up with somewhere around 75-85% of the original price. Well, that's how I've noticed people bargain around me anyway. I go straight for the price I want to pay, don't budge, and ready to walk.


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          Hard to say in this environment, KW & Rabbit. You may very well be correct, consequently I am willing to entertain any reasonable offer. The asking price is based on what I see similar cars listed for on Kaskus, Mobile123, Mobilemall, and what the dealer suggested where I purchased a replacement, as well as two cents worth here and there from my relatives. Like politic and religion, almost everyone has an opinion on used car pricing.


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            I don't know much about the prices of cars here (besides them being outrageous for what you get). Was just enforcing your second post that the price is negotiable. To what extent, of course you're the only one who knows. :-D


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              Thanks for bumping my thread. Yes, definately agree that car prices in Indonesia are quite high. I just hope someone in need of a good full size family car, but unwilling to pay new-car prices, sees my advertisement.


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                Rabbit right .. in many cases that's how they bargain. Including me, I'm Indonesian too....But it only for the goods which has no fixed price. Why ? Because first we don't know the original price / new one. For the second hand especially electronic 50% rebate from new price is common. So don't expect too much for the second stuff.
                For car which you can see the price in newspaper (Poskota my recommendation) or in website, they will bargain just little bit cheaper than ordinary price. Maybe trader and broker counter very cheap which make some people angry.. Also will make me angry too.
                Just tip for your : Serious buyer will come and see the car first not just call and negotiate by phone. Never nego by phone.. asked them to come to see their willingness. Serious buyer will see the car in detail and bargain politely. They will counter the price slightly cheaper than market price, still good price. If you deal with broker or trader ... they make you mad sometime ...


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                  NEW ASKING PRICE: Rp. 115 juta

                  King Willy it would appear is closer to the mark than my first impression, thus I have reduced the asking price for my slightly used 2004 Kijang LGX.
                  Last edited by waarmstrong; 14-11-11, 21:54.


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                    Should point out too, that I owned one of these vehicles, and they are very reliable, very cheap to run and hold their value quite well. I sold it and bought an imported car and have been choking on maintenance prices ever since.


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                      Have you put your ad on newspapers also?


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                        Not yet, Ricky. I am shopping the car to expats first and through my network of friends and family. If it does not sell in a week or so, I plan to list it in the Pos Kota.

                        An annoyance with a news paper listing is the number of calls from freelance wholesale agents looking for cars for resale. I am by no means desperate, but I would like to avoid that hassle if possible.


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                          I was able to sell my Kijang for the asking price today. Lucky me.