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26-08-11, 16:55
Anyone know a store that sells Tivoli audio systems? I'm looking to get either the model two or the model 10.


PS: anyone know of an equivalent quality unit? I looked at several others in the past, and Tivoli has come out ahead.

26-08-11, 17:07
Nice stuff Rabbit. Try Sinar Elektronik shop, Mangga Dua Mall.

26-08-11, 21:40
Tivoli Authorized Agent in Indonesia ;

IMS Indonesia
Jl. Taman Sari Raya No. 66
Jakarta 11150
Visit Website (http://www.imsind.co.id/)
Get Driving Directions (http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?Pyt=Tmap&addr=Jl.+Taman+Sari+Raya+No.+66+&csz=+Jakarta+&Get%A0Map=Get+Map)

26-08-11, 22:01
anyone know of an equivalent quality unit?

I compared the Tivoli One with the Yamaha MCR:

And went for the Bose after all:
The Two will be a good choice though...

26-08-11, 22:21
Yes Bose would've been my choice too... I've been using Bose Rear Surround Speakers for over 6 years now and its still going strong...

Yamaha is good for the A/V Receiver if you're a movie enthusiast... For music Denon would be better...

27-08-11, 18:22
anyone know of an equivalent quality unit?

I realized my brother (who's an audiophile) has an integrated micro system too. He told me it's this Cubo from Sonoro, uses it in the bedroom and is very happy with it's quality for the size. Wanted a good clock radio alternative. Many funky colors and integrated (mono) speaker.

He paid 300 euro.
And now he would get the model "elements W" instead; he never uses the CD player and the other one has WiFi so you would have internet radio.

Probably not for sale in Indonesia but you can buy it online (e.g. Amazon).

28-08-11, 11:46
Bose: Haven't found a Bose I like yet, for movies or music. Bass is overdone and the treble too bright. Sounds impressive for newbies, but very fatiguing to listen to. But I have to admit, the Bose wave radio is not bad, still preferred the Tivoli after listening to them both.

Will have to check out the Yamaha MCR especially if it's sold locally.

05-09-11, 21:54
Roy, thanks for the link. Unfortunately after repeated emails, there is still no reply. :-( well, I guess I shouldn't have expected any better. It's about par with the normal customer service in most...no, all....Indonesian companies I've had the displeasure of working with.

18-09-11, 16:02
I saw the Models 1, 2, and 3 on display at Best electronic store in Pan Pacific Mall. I did not ask if they had any in stock, though. Looks like they're authorized dealers of the brand.

Hombre de Maiz
18-09-11, 16:12
Anyone here into active studio monitors?

18-09-11, 19:37
I have not used monitors in a long while. These give me the flattest frequency response anyone can ask for.


Great for solo instruments and string quartets, but somewhat less stellar for large scale musical works and rock/jazz. Great detail, but hardly any soundstaging. Brutally revealing when it comes to poorly recorded music. Cold and analytical, and certainly not as fun and engaging for a lot of musical genres.

18-09-11, 19:59
My friends who has home recording studios use:

For listening to music, for bang for the buck I personally go for Paradigm, Infinity, Polk and Klipsch.

Hombre de Maiz
18-09-11, 20:25

For listening to music, for bang for the buck I personally go for Paradigm, Infinity, Polk and Klipsch.

Correct me if I am wrong, but none of those make active monitors.

From a bang-for-the-buck perspective and several others, it's hard to beat active speakers/monitors. My own minimalist set-up consists of the following:

http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Future Music/Issue 190/FMU190.rev_group.yamaha-660-80.jpg

fed directly by:

http://www.getprice.com.au/images/uploadimg/BimgCambridge Audio DVD99.jpg

18-09-11, 21:11
Paradigm, Infinity, Polk and Klipsch don't. I usually just use their bookshelf with a receiver to listen to music. My living quarters in the last several years haven't been that large to warrant anything bigger

19-09-11, 08:27
Check the reviews on these babies

Now in Europe and elsewhere they are good bit not cheap. However. If you have any plans to fly through Taiwan, make a stop and go to their main store in taipei. When I lived there they were only 30% of the inetrnational price.

Hombre de Maiz
19-09-11, 08:44
I got my Yamaha kit in Singapore a few years ago, at a fraction of the selling price in Indonesia.

19-09-11, 08:50
My REL subwoofer took a dive recently, I was looking at the Yamaha at the wekend as a replacment.
It sounded pretty good I have to say. Come payday will be looking at that as the placement.
When you say a fraction of the cost in Indonesia Hombre, what sort of percentage saving to be had by buying in Singapore?

19-09-11, 10:03
Kim, what speaker system do you have? Even for the subs, I like matching brands/series. At the very least get one with adjustable frequency limiter so you can match the response of your speakers with the subs. That's what I do anyway.

19-09-11, 10:35
My main speakers, rear and centre are all Tannoys.
For the sub, I think it is not so important to match with the same make, but agree that the frequency limiter is a must.

For my second set of speakers I have a pair of Ushers, and whilst they are relatively small, the sound is quite good, certainly for my old ears and for parties

19-09-11, 13:03
Oy I forgot about Tannoys! Hombre: I think Tannoys make pretty good powered speakers.

Hombre de Maiz
19-09-11, 13:28
When you say a fraction of the cost in Indonesia Hombre, what sort of percentage saving to be had by buying in Singapore?

Something like 75% of the Indonesian price, back in 2006.

19-09-11, 14:04
Hombre: did you take those speakers off the box when you brought it back to Indonesia?

Hombre de Maiz
19-09-11, 19:05
No, I did not.

I bought them in a small shop in SimLim Plaza on the third floor which sells recording and mixing equipment. They also carry the likes of KRK, Genelec...